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Internationally the main focus was on the president and then of course what happened at the pride parade in istanbul no wonder the world thinks turkey is cracking down on lgbtq life no wonder the world thinks turkey is cracking down on lgbtq life.

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Gay pride istanbul turkish onur y252r252y252ş252 is a gay pride march and lgbt demonstration held annually in turkeys biggest city istanbul the event first took place in 2003 and now occurs each year on either the last sunday of june or the first sunday of july to mark the end of istanbul pride week.

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The first istanbul pride march occurred in 2003 following the end of the reading of the statement police demanded that the crowd disperse arresting 11 and shooting into the crowd with rubber bullets.

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Police in turkey broke up a gay pride celebration in istanbul sunday with water guns and rubber bullets an annual gay pride celebration has been held in istanbul for years and it is not immediately clear why police wanted to break up the celebration reuters reports.

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We hope that this years pride celebrations end as peacefully as possible and that the istanbul pride parade next year goes ahead efe songun is a lgbtq activist from istanbul turkey and founder.

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Banning lgbti activities and events is becoming routine and widespread in turkey bans on the istanbul pride march and trans pride march have been followed by the ankara governors november 2017 ban on all lgbtirelated events in the city and the cancellation of lgbti events in several other cities in turkey.

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Police follow turkeys lesbian gay bisexual trans and intersex activists as they march despite a ban in istanbul sunday july 1 2018 the istanbul lgbti activists gathered in the citys taksim neighbourhood after they announced istanbuls local government had banned the pride march for the fourth year in a row.

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As pride month continues things are slated to get even more exciting with the 2018 new york city nyc pride march aiming to celebrate members of the lgbtqia community sunday the firstever gay pride parade in american history was held in nycs central park on june 28 1970.

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Bill nighy and dominic west condemn ban on pride screening in turkey community in turkey culminating in the recent ban of the annual pride parade and police violence against those who.

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