Self-Study Tips For Students On How To Stay Focused During Lockdown

Jacki Roig

The alarming spread of the novel COVID-19 virus has forced providers of education to rethink how they can deliver learning for students from offline to online study. To effectively slow down the transmission of the infection, educational institutions worldwide have been shut, and citizens are being advised to stay indoors […]

The alarming spread of the novel COVID-19 virus has forced providers of education to rethink how they can deliver learning for students from offline to online study. To effectively slow down the transmission of the infection, educational institutions worldwide have been shut, and citizens are being advised to stay indoors and practise social distancing. Responding to the long-term closure of schools and colleges, universities and publishers have made their online content and resources free to access and provided online assessments so that students are able to study no matter what.

At a time like this, the availability of free time offers the perfect opportunity for students to practice self-study at home by learning new information, browsing through the important questions, and finding answers and solutions to their doubts. However, if you want to succeed in learning at home, you need to be fully prepared and actively involved in your studies. Staying motivated is by no means easy for all students, but even more essential when they are stuck indoors and working from home without a physical presence in the classroom. Therefore, let’s highlight six tips that will help you stay productive and study from home during the lockdown.


Find Proper Learning Space

Try to create a dedicated learning space that includes a good study chair, proper desk, and enough space for studies. Select a quiet and comfortable location around the home where you can focus on studies. A good idea to take some time and make this space as happy and personalised as possible by decorating it with calendar, timetable, motivational thoughts, and anything that can lift your spirit and motivation.

Also, make sure that your study place has great lighting so that you don’t strain your eyes. At the same time, refrain from studying on your bed, near the TV, video games, or any area that you usually associate with entertainment and relaxation. Since you have trained your brain to expect these things in this environment, eliminate all distractions, and switch off your devices. Additionally, ask your family members not to bother you while you are studying as your study space needs to be private and secluded.


Plan Your Time

Once you have determined where you are going to sit and made yourself comfortable, then it’s time to plan your day. One of the main things changing from your usual way of life due to lockdown is your routine and consistency. A study plan can come in handy to help you be ready for having a fulfilling day, stay focused on each task or goal, and reach your deadlines.

Design a new study timetable around your online classes, dedicate time for reading, and studying for exams with extra time for subjects that you know can require special attention. Whether you prefer to get an edge and start studying early or you function better later within the day, work out a suitable daily timetable and try to stick to it.


Set Regular Breaks

Aside from essential hours of learning, it’s vital to take well-placed breaks and re-energise your mind. Schedule small breaks between learning sessions by setting reminders on your phone or using a wall planner.

Be sure to take 10 minutes breaks in between your study time and get up every 35 to 40 minutes. You can even have a short walk around the home, water the plants, or go out and do deep breathing. However, don’t watch TV or play video games in these short breaks as these activities will tire your mind.

You can even FaceTime your best friend as a reward for finishing a specific study task. Schedule a ‘lunch date’ with your peers to eat your lunch together on the call, have a watching party on Netflix, or join an online dance party on TikTok to keep up your social connections.


Take Care Of Yourself

During these challenging times taking care of yourself and staying physically and mentally healthy is now more critical than ever. While studying online is a new normal, it shouldn’t be like sitting 24/7 in front of your desktop. Make sure you are getting from seven to nine hours of night’s sleep to feel charged for the day. If you are feeling down, try to cut back on your caffeine and sugar consumption as too much caffeine, and sugary food can increase feelings of anxiety or stress. Instead, stay properly hydrated with fresh water and feed your body with healthy, nutritious meals and snacks to help in improving focus and concentration on your studies in a better way.

What’s more, students should take breaks between lessons to do some stretches, exercise, or practise meditation to prevent boredom, eye fatigue, and consequences of sedentary life. Just a few minutes of daily meditation has a multitude of positive effects on mental and physical well-being. Meditation can help to decrease stress and depressive feelings, calm down anxious racing minds, boost the immune system, and enhance concentration.

You can even double the benefits of meditation with the use of natural supplements like CBD. Cannabidiol (or CBD) is able to interact with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is involved in vital body processes such as sleep cycle, pain, stress, mood, inflammation, focus, temperature, etc. Due to the positive effect and support of ECS, cannabidiol can offer various health advantages, including benefits of CBD oil for anxiety and pain relief, increased energy levels, better alertness and mood, and stress-free mind. This effective remedy can be useful in any challenging situation and provide potential improvements with no severe side effects. CBD is also available in various product types such as tincture, capsule form, topical cream, and even CBD vape oil to fulfil the needs of each consumer.


Exchange Knowledge

Not only can you use technology to study from home, but you can also stay in touch with friends by doing common assignments, and sharing your experience and progress with them. Take advantage of virtual connectivity and reach out to your teachers, tutors, or friends to ask for help and discuss a topic that you don’t understand while self-studying.

Having informative conversations with your family members in the house, studying in groups/chats, or discussing learning with friends over calls can help you to have the feel of group studying, even without a physical presence. This knowledge exchange and interactions can be motivating and engaging somewhat like a real-life classroom and help to share tips and motivation, encourage each other, and clear the doubts students may have.


Take Notes & Access Your Progress

Taking notes is an absolute must activity for students that want to stay concentrated on their learning journey. Make sure to take notes while the class is going on and when you study on your own. To include important details, read your textbooks thoroughly, and use markers to highlight key information. Note-taking doesn’t mean you should copy down every word given in the book. Stick to the main points and rephrase what you have read in your own words.

Evaluating your progress is also an essential part of studying, which can help to find out what subjects require more practice. Students can use different learning platforms to track their progress and take mock tests and online quizzes to test themself and access their knowledge on a certain subject. As an alternative, you can just ask your siblings or parents to quiz you on topics that you have recently learned.

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